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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Black Friday, lets shop!!

If you are an avid online shopper like me than this is the Christmas of shopping in my books.

I'm gonna leave some of my favourite pieces from some of my favourite online stores below with some links that you can shop through.

Get them quick before they are sold out!!

Im obsessed with sequin at the moment so you will see a lot of it in the links below. I think its so nice for Christmas time.

BOOHOO - Shop Boohoo
50% off the site

I have to say I am fond of a nice suit and this is the perfect one.

Leopard skirt So many ways to style this one

Some of the links used in this post are affiliate links which means I can earn a small percentage when you buy an item but it doesn't cost you any extra to use these links, the prices of the items remain the same.
I will update this post as the week goes on with more links and codes. Hope you like the pieces I chose.

I will leave a list below with all the retailers and their discounts for Black Friday.

Luxury Fashion & Accessories
Up to 20% off site-wide, using the code SELFCCE
T&C: 21st - 26th November
Up to 25% off in private sale
T&C: started 20th November, create an account for discount to be applied at checkout


30% off everything early access with code BLACK18
T&C: started 21st November
Up to 50% off selected items
T&C: started 20th November
Up to 50% off tops
T&C: started 21st November, promotions changing every 48 hours
Public Desire
25% off outerwear & boots with code NEEDIT25
T&C: 21st November only
Up to 25% off full price items, up to 75% off sale items with code: MORE18
T&C: started 20th November

I Saw it First
50% off everything with code JACKFRIDAY
T&C: started 20th November
Missy Empire
25% off everything with code TEASE
T&C: started 21st November
50% off sitewide. New promotions daily
T&C: 19th November onwards
20% sitewide Code: OFFICIAL
40% off selected styles
Up to 30% off selected lines
T&C: started 20th November
20% off sitewide  
T&C: 22nd - 26th November
20% off £75 and above (UK)
20% off €100 and above (IE)
T&C: 22nd November onwards



Thursday 15 November 2018

My new Huawei mate 20 pro

Hi Everyone,

If you have been following my instagram you may have noticed I swapped phones recently to the new hauwei mate 20 pro. I was lucky enough to get to go to the Huawei tech conference in London a few weeks ago where we learnt about all the new features and were gifted the phone.

I have always been an iphone gal but once I saw the camera and new features on the Huawei I knew I was gonna make the swap. If you are thinking of getting a new phone for Christmas and you are into photography then I think this phone could be the one for you.

I am gonna leave a little list of my favourite features on the phone below. Bear in mind I am 100% no tech expert and this post is not being sponsored but I got so many messages about the phone since I swapped over that I thought it would be good to just write a post and have it all here for anyone interested in reading. I'm going to keep this short and sweet because for any real details on the phone you can google some in depth reviews by tech experts.

So the phone has an in display fingerprint scanning system, 3d facial recognition, three cameras and it can charge other phones wirelessly. You can charge someone else's phone by turning on the reverse charge feature and laying a phone on the back of the Huawei mate 20 pro. It is seriously cool and I'm sure in years to come this will be standard on every phone, its the future!! It also has the longest battery life as it has a 4,200mAh battery. Battery is a huge thing for me and I haven't had to reach for my charger during the day at all since I start using the phone over a month ago and believe me when I say my phone is literally never out of my hand. The phone comes with a 40w super charger which will charge the phone up to 70 per cent in just 30 minutes. Its amazing!

The internal storage is 128gb and you will shortly be able to buy a nano memory card for the mate which will get you and extra 256gb of storage also.

The phone is made from glass and is available online in multiple colours. Unfortunately the black is the only colour being released in Ireland first and then they might introduce others after. I have the dark forest green colour and its so nice. The screen on the phone curves around the sides of the phone and is unbelievably clear.

Now for the main feature, the camera. As I said the phone houses 3 cameras. Set out in a square on the back of the phone with the flash ( its all about the symmetry), the mate has a 40 mega pixel main camera, a 8 mega pixel telephoto for zooming and a 20 mega pixel ultra-wide angle camera. The ultra wide angle lens makes for the coolest shots. I met with one of the Huawei trainers Ros and he thought me how to use all the features on the camera. I'm so excited to get artsy with my shots in New York. The night mode on the mate is insane too and it captures the best night shots!

The camera has a master AI setting which basically means it can identify whats its shooting and choose the best mode for you itself. So if you don't know much about photography the camera will capture the best shots for you and make you look like a pro photographer. If you are taking a picture of a blue sky the phone will recognise this and enable the blue skies scene and hike up the colour saturation making the photo as a whole a lot more vibrant. With my last phone I noticed if I focused on the sky to get the vibrancy of colour it would in turn make the person in the shot lose colour. I could only focus on the person in my shot or the sky and with the mate camera it doesn't compromise on either.

Another cool feature is that you can add filters to your video whilst filming. One of the filming features is the camera will detect the skin tone of a person in the frame and will keep the person including their clothes in full colour whilst making the background black and white. Its amazing!

The mate 20 is also water resistant up to 2m for 30 minutes and has a new underwater camera mode. I have yet to try this out but I can't wait for the summer so I can use it.

As you can see the phone is jam packed with cool new features and you could actually read pages on it. Before I go and just leave some shots below I can't forget to mention that the AI in the camera will allow you to scan food and will bring up calories and grams in the food, it can translate full menus into different languages, it can take a picture of say a watch and it will bring up where you can buy said watch. It so futuristic and I was honestly in awe when I say these features at work. The food scanner can be a bit temperamental but the more you use it the quicker it will get at recognising what you are scanning because of the AI. 

There is only one or two things I don't like about the phone. One being it has software on it that has an inbuilt beauty filter in the front facing camera so it softens and smoothens the skin and at the moment you can lower this down but you can't completely turn it off. Most people will probably like this feature but I would like to have the option to be able to turn it off. And the last thing is when shooting on the camera it takes a couple of seconds to take the shot as its trying to get the clearest possible one so if I was trying to take pictures of my niece its hard and I have to just use burst photos because you need to stay still for the normal camera to get the shot.

I hope my basic review helped if you are thinking of getting a new phone. I will leave some photos I shot on the camera below.

Thanks for reading.

Dominique Xx

Photo cred for the first four photos goes to Ros_huawei. Follow him on instagram to take a look at his shots, he is the Huawei trainer I met last week and his shots are unreal!!


Saturday 3 November 2018

Galway Girl

Hi everyone,

I recently took a little trip to Galway city and I honestly loved it so thought I would leave a little travel guide for anybody thinking of going for a few days or a weekend away.

Stay at... 

The Forster court hotel

We spent two days here mid-week and it was so nice. Its bang in the centre so literally just around the corner from Eyre square so everything is within walking distance. The hotel was renovated last year and the interiors are fab. We stayed in Galway a few years ago and the hotel was a little bit outside the centre. In saying that it was probably not even 10 minutes by car but we didn't venture in to the city for a night out. The hotel was lovely too (the G hotel) so we just stayed and enjoyed that in the evenings and had our meals and drinks there, but I preferred it so much being in walking distance to bars and restaurants this time around.

The Forster is also attached to the most beautiful hyde bar which houses the biggest gin bar in Ireland. The interiors in Hyde are amazing as you can see in some of my photos. We had dinner and drinks there our first night and the bar was so nice we went back the second evening just for one aswell.
Breakfast is also served in hyde when you stay in the hotel, the portions are massive and exactly what you need after a few too many drinks the night before.

Where to eat...

Hyde bar- steak was divine here! 

The front door pub - I got the nicest caesar salad here.

Dough bro's - So many people recommended here but we actually didn't go. I am a major chips lover and they didn't do chips! Silly I know but you don't wanna see me when I get hangry.

Cupan tae - If you are going to Galway with the girls or just a couple this is a place that is not to be missed. I went here about 3 years ago and honestly its the first place I think of when I think of Galway. It is a little cafe that does so many different types of teas,coffees, cakes & treats and the decor is just adorable. It has the cutest china tea pots and 1920's music playing in the background. I just loved it!

Jungle cafe - We just stopped by for coffee. Its jungle themed hence the name and perfect for those insta shots.

Last but not least 
 Caprice cafe - We went here for breakfast before heading back to Dublin and I was raging that we hadn't got dinner here during our stay, its such a cute spot.

Where to grab a drink...

I feel like a bit of a gin connoisseur since being down in Galway. Every drink I had was a different gin and do you think I can remember any of them now a week later 😢 Would it be weird to take notes in a bar of what drinks you like? probably! Anyway I liked them all and learnt that I like a fruity gin. 
Galway is known for great night out and it didn't disappoint. So much so that as soon as we were on the road home I was talking about organizing my work Christmas party down there.We were there a Tuesday and Wednesday and the place was still lively and buzzing, there was no empty bars but just a nice atmosphere in all of them. I will leave a list below of some of the ones we ventured to.

Hyde bar - you simply cant go to Galway and not go to this bar!

An pucan- the live music was brill here.

The front door pub & Tigh Nora - we got talking to a really nice bar tender here who really knows his drinks. His name was Fiachra, so if you are heading grab a drink upon his recommendations.

The kings head

The quays bar - this bar is really touristy and was actually jammer's the Tuesday we went. Its another branch of the quays bar in temple bar where myself and Damien met so we went in for a couple. Great for a trad session.

Tig Choili- the tiniest pub but one to experience.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great time if you are heading to Galway.


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