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Saturday 30 April 2016

My Summer bag guide

Hi Girls,

Check out my fav must have bags for this season. From very small satchel style to large boho bags, these will go with all kinds of summer looks. All bags are tagged below :)

I am in love with this embellished tassel bag. It is perfect to dress up any look for a night out. I think I will match a simple outfit around this and let the bag do the talking.

I got this super cute satchel style bag in Monsoon. The colourful design and coin detail give a boho vibe so I like to team this one with a floatly blouse and denims for a nice casual look.

Monsoon Accessorize are amazing for these colourful bags which are perfect for Summer. My sister picked this one up for me last year but they bring them out every festival season. I styled this with  denims and a crochet top as these bum bags are a festival essential in my eyes.

I found this similar style one in Pennys last week for just eight euro. Bargain! :)

Last but not least is this amazing Boho beach bag. I love the Aztec pattern. Seen as we dont have the weather for the beach yet I'm using this as my hair bag for my appointments. I want to wear it everywhere!! :)

Black embellished bag- Pennys
Colourful satchel bag- Monsoon
Bum bag- Monsoon
Boho beach bag- Pennys


Saturday 23 April 2016

Festival Inspo

Hi Everyone,

It's officially festival season so here's my second festival inspired edit. From tassel bum bags to coin jewellery and faded denims, check out my head-to-toe look below.

I have an endless supply of coin jewellery and boho pieces from years past. Feathers, tassels and aztec designs are bang on trend and always come back into fashion every festival season. So don't be afraid to mix and match with old and new season pieces. Anything goes!! 

My sister sent me these shorts when I was living in Australia about three years ago and I love them. She ordered them from Custom Vintage Dublin. For me, denims are the ultimate festival staple.

My friend Ali came up to do my hair last night and she showed me a mohawk hairstyle she created on a client and I fell in love. It is similar to the boho braided upstyle I posted about a few weeks ago. I had to try it out for this festival look.

Crochet is life!! I use my hair to funk up outfits for every occasion. So festivals are a time when I can go all out:)

I picked up this super cute boho bag in Pennys a couple of weeks ago. 

The Finished look.

Coin necklace - EBAY
Crochet bralet - EBAY
Denims - Custom Vintage Dublin
Sheer Waistcoat - Berska
Bag - Pennys



Sunday 17 April 2016

Boho For Life - Festival Fashion and hair

Hi Girls,

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. I salvaged my hairstyle from last night so since its the first week of Coachella here's a festival inspired look. I love all things Boho so I've quite a collection of coin jewellery that matched this look perfectly. Full outfit details listed below.

For the hair, I went with two dutch braids split down the middle and at the back an afro (braids in the front, party in the back) isn't that what they say??! This style is perfect for festival season as it holds so well and doesn't take longer than 30 minutes to do. Don't worry I filmed a tutorial on this so I will let you all know via Instagram and snapchat when its live.

I got the choker in Topshop and it matched the jacket so well as they both have the coin detail which I love.

This little jacket is perfect for Festival season and can be worn to dress any look up. I'm thinking denims and this would also be fab.

I love the backless detail of the jumpsuit, it makes it quite dressy. If only I was a bit smaller in height I wouldn't have to wear it with flats and would definitely wear it on a night out on the town. I find with a lot of these jumpsuits I have to wear them casual because they are too short on me otherwise :(

 Jumpsuit- Berska
Jacket- Berska
Choker- Topshop

I'm going to do a festival themed hair and outfit post most weeks because these looks are my favourite so I want to get to share them all with you.



Thursday 14 April 2016

Hair tips- How to create a longer ponytail using no extensions!!

Hi Girls,

I thought I'd write a quick post on how to create a longer looking ponytail. If you're like me and love long hair then this one is definitely one to try.

I took a picture to show the length of my hair when I do a regular high ponytail.

So you simply separate your hair into two and tie the sections up, one directly under the other. Pull the hair in the bobbin on top in tight and this will hide the underneath section.

This creates the illusion of a much longer ponytail.



Wednesday 13 April 2016

Summer Feels

Hi Gals,

I thought I'd do a quick blog on my look today. I tried out the Aurora band in my hair last night and it created a nice beach wave. With the sun shining outside I decided to wear a new cropped jumpsuit. I have been loving all the Spring/ Summer ranges that are in stores now. I seem to have loads of Summery outfits trapped in my wardrobe waiting for a bit of sun so I can wear them out.

Here's a picture of the Aurora headband.
 It has a velcro feel to it which allows the hair to stay in place when you wrap sections around it.


You place it on over your hair and wrap sections the whole way around the band. I have a demo up of this on my snapchat @dominique89.

When I took the band out it had created a nice wave rather than a curl. The wave in my hair kind of fell out after an hour. I only found out today that you are supposed to wash your hair and leave the ends damp. I am going to try doing that next time and see if the wave holds better for me.

I love the stripe detail on this jumpsuit. The elasticated waist makes it very flattering. I teamed it with white Nikes for a nice casual look. 




Monday 11 April 2016

The Body Coach - 90 day SSS Plan Cycle 1

Hi Everyone,

I signed up to the Body Coach 90 day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan the end of February. Although I knew I wasn't really overweight, I wanted to get fit and lean for summer. I had been watching the Body Coach ( Joe Wicks) Lean in 15 videos for months and all the food looked delicious and really easy to make.

Side Before Picture

The plan works out at about €180 which I chose to pay in 3 installments of €60 a month. When I signed up I was asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire and submit pictures either in a bikini or underwear and body measurements. This allowed them to tailor the plan exactly to my specific needs. The plan was sent back to me within 5 days, all 96 pages of it!!

 I recieved the plan on the Friday and it took me the weekend to read and plan my meals out for the week. I am a seriously picky eater as it is so the food was by far the hardest part of this plan. The Body Coach also recommends you to take supplements and vitamins and provides you with a discount code for a supplement website. Although the supplements are optional I thought if I was going to do it I was going to give it 100%. I bought the Body Coach bundle from the website  (MYPROTEIN.COM). There was a 30% discount day when I purchased it so I got it all for about €77. Bear in mind I was throwing in pink sports bags and pink sports beakers to boot (serial shopper).

Front Before Picture

Each day on the plan I got to choose from 3 meals and 2 snacks. I trained 5 times a week for 25 minutes doing HIIT sessions (High Intensity Interval Training). With the plan I was given a choice of 2 menus - 1) carbohydrate refuel meals 2) reduced carbohydrate meals.  On the days that I done a workout I choose 1 meal from the carb refuel menu and 2 from the reduced carb. The plan suggests it is better to do the training fasted so I done my HIIT sessions in the morning after a nights sleep without eating breakfast. That way you are burning the most fat. For me, this meant getting up at 7:30am, hitting the gym, training for 25 minutes and making it in time for work at 9:30am!! Most importantly I gave myself enough time for breakfast after training which is vital to the success of the plan.

My Favourite Dinner on the plan

It is important to note that you have to train and eat the meal from the carb menu straight after. In other words don't eat 2 reduced carb meals for breakfast and lunch and then save the carb refuel meal for dinner time. Your body needs carbs straight after training. I am not going to lie it takes a lot of will power and determination to do this but if you take a look at some of the transformation pictures on @thebodycoach instagram page you will be amazed. It was those pictures that gave me the push to make a change and get healthy. 

If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer. They say it takes 4 weeks to notice a change in your body but honestly I felt a difference in 2. Remember it is a marathon not a race! I'm not where I want to be yet but I am closer than I was 30 days ago.



Thursday 7 April 2016

Boho Braided upstyle

Hi Girls,

I'm going to show you all with pictures below a step by step guide of how to do a boho braided upstyle which is actually super easy to create.

I had washed and blasted dry my hair the morning before doing this style. I find sometimes styles hold better in your hair a day after washing but it was my day off so I decided to mess around and try a new style.

Firstly I seperated my hair into 4 even sections and tied them all into neat tight sections.

I just done a regular plait in the top section. The next section down I done a fishtail and just followed this pattern in the last two sections.

I actually kinda liked when I had just braided these sections it looked like dreads. 
I pulled out the hair on each plait to make the braids look messy and thicker. I took the top section and wrapped it around the bobbin like you would do if you were doing a bun and pinned these sections in with clips. You don't have to worry about doing this perfect because I think it looks nicer messy. 

When you have all these sections wrapped around, clip in any loose hairs. See the look finished below.

Hope you all liked it. 
Let me know what styles you would like to see.
I created a youtube channel so I'm going to have some videos up soon :)



Sunday 3 April 2016

Brunette Elsa

Hi Girls,

My friend Denise came up to be my hair model last night. Denise has gorgeous long locks so she's the ideal candidate for trying out all my braided styles.

She usually styles her hair with loose curls for nights out as like so many she doesn't like wearing her hair up off her face. 

I opted for a loose dutch braid and left a couple of strands out to frame her face. I used a thick tongs to curl the loose strands and then brushed them out with my fingers to create a softer wave rather than a tight curl.

The Finished result. I clipped in any loose hairs and slighted pulled out each section of the braid to make the braid look thicker.

Denise was delighted with her braid and couldn't resist getting a quick selfie before she hit the town.

Hope you all liked it :)


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