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Thursday 7 April 2016

Boho Braided upstyle

Hi Girls,

I'm going to show you all with pictures below a step by step guide of how to do a boho braided upstyle which is actually super easy to create.

I had washed and blasted dry my hair the morning before doing this style. I find sometimes styles hold better in your hair a day after washing but it was my day off so I decided to mess around and try a new style.

Firstly I seperated my hair into 4 even sections and tied them all into neat tight sections.

I just done a regular plait in the top section. The next section down I done a fishtail and just followed this pattern in the last two sections.

I actually kinda liked when I had just braided these sections it looked like dreads. 
I pulled out the hair on each plait to make the braids look messy and thicker. I took the top section and wrapped it around the bobbin like you would do if you were doing a bun and pinned these sections in with clips. You don't have to worry about doing this perfect because I think it looks nicer messy. 

When you have all these sections wrapped around, clip in any loose hairs. See the look finished below.

Hope you all liked it. 
Let me know what styles you would like to see.
I created a youtube channel so I'm going to have some videos up soon :)



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