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Friday 13 May 2016

The body Coach - 90 day SSS plan Cycle 2

Hi Everyone,

60 days down, 30 to go and I can't believe the second cycle has gone by so fast. I posted my before and after pictures on my instagram and got a great response from so many of you so thought it might be easier to write a post on it.

When I finished cycle 1, I submitted my pictures & measurements.
The picture on the left was the one I submitted when I signed up for the plan and the one on the right I took when I finished cycle 2 a few days ago. I made my bf take the before picture for me and when I saw it I had a little cry. Although I know that sounds really dramatic I couldn't believe that was me. When the plan came I was determined to make a change and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Not only to look better but to feel better also.

Although you are supposed to continue as normal while waiting on your new plan to be sent back to you I thought what the hell and had 1 or 2 cheat meals. Even though I am trying to get in shape I don't want to let it completely take over my life I just want to keep a balance in my life. It is just really important not to let one or 2 bad meals turn into a week of bad food and binge eating.

I found the food in cycle 2 much easier because you are allowed to pick and mix with the meals. It is still 3 meals and 2 snacks a day but on the days I trained I got to eat 3 carb refuel meals whereas I was only allowed 1 carb refuel meal right after training in the first cycle. I did feel bloated the first week or two with the amount of carbs I was allowed in comparison to the first cycle. I noticed I was much hungrier after doing this training as it is much more intense so my body definitely needed the extra carb meals.

The training in Cycle 2 was definitely a lot tougher. It went from being 25 minutes a day to 45mins - 1 hour. I still done my HIIT sessions but weights were introduced. I had to train 4 days a week while making sure I was taking rest days in between and not doing 5 days straight and then taking the weekends off like I did in the first cycle.

                       Day 1                Day 30            Day 60

I am really looking forward to cycle 3 now and cant wait to put my pictures from day 1 and day 90 side by side to see my progress.

If you are thinking of signing up you can do so on the body coach website. I have more details on signing up in my first blog post " The Body Coach- 90 day SSS plan Cycle 1". Take a look on his instagram page if you want to see some more amazing results from other people doing the challenge.

Snapchat is dominique89 if you want to follow what I do in the gym most mornings :)




  1. Amazing results Dominique! I need a kick up the you know what when I get home from Australia so I'm strongly considering buying the program after seeing your results! Wouldn't mind looking like your before picture when I'm done though ;-) x Louise from

  2. I know its hard to get the determination but you will like it once you start.Thanks Louise :)

  3. I'm about to start Cycle 2, currently struggling to come up with breakfast ideas for those days I'm not training! Thus far I have omelettes, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon but I'm now drawing a bit of a blank. Do you have any suggestions or ideas which you'd mind sharing?

    I've got loads of ideas for training days, just nothing for rest days (they're so pesky!)



  4. Amazing results. Just about to embark on C2. Can you help me with breakfast ideas in C2? I'm struggling to get my head around what food combo i can have that is still breakfasty.

    Thank you.

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