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Tuesday 24 May 2016

Workout motivation

Hi Everyone,

Happy Tuesday :) 
Today is rest day for me, thank God!! I started Cycle 3 of the 90 day challenge last Monday and I have never experienced training as tough. 

The first month was HIIT training, second month was weight training mixed with HIIT and now the final month is DTP HIIT. The workouts seem shorter than last month but are way more intense. I have to to do high to low range rep exercises followed by a round of HIIT training in between each one. 

I train 4 times a week and each day focuses on different muscle groups. Monday - chest and back, Tuesday- arms, Wednesday- rest, Thursday- legs,  Friday- rest, Saturday- shoulders and Sunday- rest.

I had a couple of people asking how do I stay motivated to workout all the time. I find it easier to workout with a gym buddy as you can motivate each other. My friend Denise and I have been going to the gym together. When she can't make it I normally tag along with my boyfriend and we do our own weights and then a HIIT session together. Having someone to go with it makes it harder to roll over and hit the snooze button because you're letting your friend down as well as yourself by skipping it. 

When the sore muscles seem like they are getting too much remember pain is just weakness leaving your body :) 

 This picture sums up how I felt all week, every move I made was painful. Good pain though, progress pain!!

Taking pictures is the best way to see your progress. I have lost the weight I wanted to and now its all about toning and building muscle. They say muscle is heavier than fat so I feel like there is no point in standing on the scales anymore. There is no better feeling than seeing a picture from four weeks ago to now and being able to see the changes you have made by healthy eating and training.

Healthy tip: If you keep only good food in your fridge, you will only eat good food.
I don't buy crisps or chocolate anymore there is never an option to cheat when I am at home.
I am not saying I don't ever eat bad food. I do have a treat meal once a week. Although this is not part of my plan I felt if I went too extreme and cut it out completely that I would find it to hard to stick to.

If I can do it anyone can :)
Hope you like this post.


  1. Hi! Been following you on your insta for awhile and the 90day plan and fair play to you, you look fantastic! I am seriously considering starting the plan would you defo recommend it and also would joining a gym be a part of it or can they be done from home? Thanks!:)

    1. Hi Therese,
      Thanks a mill. Yeh I definitely would recommend it. Its definitely not easy but once you start seing results you will get the motivation to work even harder. Once you get your head around the diet everything else will become a routine. I noticed a change in myself after 2 weeks on the plan and can see little changes all the time now x

  2. I would certainly encourage all those things or even swimming, one of the great exercise programs there is. I know from experience that for too many of you time will hinder you. Jennifer

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