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Sunday 3 April 2016

Brunette Elsa

Hi Girls,

My friend Denise came up to be my hair model last night. Denise has gorgeous long locks so she's the ideal candidate for trying out all my braided styles.

She usually styles her hair with loose curls for nights out as like so many she doesn't like wearing her hair up off her face. 

I opted for a loose dutch braid and left a couple of strands out to frame her face. I used a thick tongs to curl the loose strands and then brushed them out with my fingers to create a softer wave rather than a tight curl.

The Finished result. I clipped in any loose hairs and slighted pulled out each section of the braid to make the braid look thicker.

Denise was delighted with her braid and couldn't resist getting a quick selfie before she hit the town.

Hope you all liked it :)



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