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Monday 27 June 2016

The body Coach - 90 day SSS plan Cycle 3. I done it !!! :)

Hi Everyone,

So I have completed the Body coach 90 day SSS plan and I can't believe it. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I am so proud of myself for doing this plan. Anyone that knows me well could tell you that I was probably one of the unhealthiest eaters before I started this challenge. 
My typical day used to consist of potato wedges for breakfast, a white roll for lunch with crisps and for dinner I was obsessed with goose fat roast potatoes. I overloaded on carbs and greasy foods at every meal and then felt super sluggish afterwards. When I think of how bad my diet was I was actually so lucky that I wasn't a few stone heavier. I was what I like to call skinny fat!! I was able to hide the bloat with clothes that suited my shape or taking 10 photos to get the right angle to make me look thinner but I wasn't happy in myself with how I looked. I always kept up my fitness doing bootcamp classes but my diet was always what let me down. Its so true what they say that it is 80% diet and only 20% exercise.

So a bit more about the actual plan. I have two previous posts if anyone is thinking of signing up that you can read first. I am just going to focus on the 3rd cycle in this post.
As usual after each cycle I submitted my pictures and waited for Cycle 3's plan to be emailed to me. When the new plan comes through it is always a bit daunting because there is a lot of reading involved and links and videos to watch on new training. I took a day or 2 to read over and plan out my meals for the week.  I found Cycle 3 was similar diet wise to Cycle 1 as it reduced carb intake once again but it was really a combination of cycle 1 & 2. I could pick and mix from food options given or choose from recipes provided. 
I found this Cycle the toughest by far. I knew I was nearing the end so I tried to stick to it as best I could. I did have a few slip ups as I had a weekend away so I decided to add an extra week onto my plan. 

The training is cycle 3 was intense. I have never done training like it before. The first week I could barely move with the muscle pain, but it was good pain, pain that I knew my body was changing. I exercised 4 days a week and targeted a different muscle group each day. I have grown to love going to the gym now which I never EVER thought would happen. Working out definitely does clear your head and releases happy endorphins. So if you are an over thinker or worrier like me its really good to calm your mind with a gym session. I mostly did fasted training sessions in the morning and they set me up for the day. I was never a morning person and now I will happily get up at 7am to hit the gym. I have learnt so much about nutrition and the right foods to eat and when to eat them. I would highly recommend the plan to anyone who needs a push to do something but has no idea where to start because if you follow the plan there is no way you wont be happy with your results.
Although I am so happy with the changes I've made I am not going to give up here. I have holidays in just a little over a month so I am determined to push it a bit further and get the best beach bod I've ever had! This is a lifestyle change to be a healthier you. I sound like I am finishing off a speech here but I have to say thanks to my bf Damien for putting up with me while I was doing this. I don't think I could have stuck to it without his support and guidance with my training. My bestie Denise also was my gym buddy since I started and working out with someone and pushing each other definitely makes things a bit easier so thank you too!!
Hope you liked this very long babbling post!




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