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Thursday 19 January 2017

Treat Yo'self!!

Hi Gals,

I'm so happy it's almost FriYAY.  I feel like this week has flew in because I was away in Gorey Monday night. Most of the girls in my family went on a lovely family break away to the Amber Springs hotel for my gran's birthday. We actually have never went on a girls trip like this before and it was lovely to get us all together for the occasion.

I'm all for relaxing while I'm away so I booked into the Cocoon spa whilst there for some treatments. I haven't been for a facial or any type of treatment in over a year so I figured it was well overdue. I was supposed to go on a spa day with my friends in December but a hair fiasco left me having to sit it out so it's been on my mind ever since.

I suffer alot with backpain so I always prefer getting a back massage over a full body one. I tore my rotator cuff around December last year and was in a lot of pain with that so I went for a deep tissue massage. Whilst getting that done the therapist informed me that my backpain is probably due to the fact that I have scoliosis. Long story short after that I attended the doctor and was told I have a mild form of scoliosis but that is the reason my lower back gives me such grief.

So I booked in for a back massage, facial and scalp massage the morning before check out. When I went down to the spa I was guided to the lotus relaxation suite. The room has the most relaxing music and the ceiling is made to look like stars in the sky, its amazing. After being given some relax time there I was greeted by a lovely therapist Ruth who was going to carry out my treatments. I told Ruth about my back problems and she got started on my 

treatments and that's all that I can remember as I was so relaxed I fell asleep haha I kid though I didn't fall asleep I wasn't going to the time here go to waste. I am a serious overthinker/worrier so it takes alot for me to relax and take a break from my own thoughts. The calming music and aroma's did just that. 

Ruth used all Elemis products for my facial and they really rehydrated my skin. The skin on my face is always quite dry and it still feels lovely a couple of days after having it done.

As for the hotel it was amazing, the room was so spacious and the bed so comfy that I had to lift up the sheets and check the name of the mattress. Wouldn't you know I work in a furniture shop!! I was raging that we were only there for the one night as it really wasn't long enough. So for anyone looking for a girly break away or just a little couples retreat Amber Springs is most definitely the place for that. We all lead our own busy lives so its important to take some time to relax, enjoy and be pampered. So don't feel guilty, treat yo'self!! :)



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  1. Looks fab! I'll have to look in to staying here for the next staycation :-) X


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