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Sunday 9 April 2017

Pink hair & Pink Frills

Hey Gals,

Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having a nice weekend and enjoying the lovely weather.

I changed up my look this week with a loreal colorista colour. As you might have already noticed I love changing up my hair colour and these wash out colours are perfect as they allow me to do this without the commitment. They have sprays which are basically makeup for your hair, wash outs( what I used) and permanent colours too. I used the pastel pink and peach this week. The peach is in a layer underneath my hair. I wanted to try out the peach and see what way it turned out and I really like it so I'm going to go all over with the peach next time. These colours last in the hair for 2-3 washes. The more vibrant colours last longer.

The outfit

I fell in love with this pink ruffle shirt when I seen it on @lissyroddyy instagram. Her page is insane, major outfit inspo on the daily!! I scoured the websites for the shirt but couldn't find it so I went instore and was lucky enough to nab the last one.
I teamed it with a pair of high waist retro jeans and my pink slip on shoes for a cute summertime look.

Shirt @H&M
Jeans & shades @Primark
Shoes @riverisland



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